26 April 2013

Chain Saw (Building a Bicycle Chain Bracelet, continued)

OK, so a chain saw might be a little too much for this project. The jeweler's saw is slow going, but about as fast as I would want to have it go in order to produce consistent, accurate cuts. Below are a few shots of the progress.

Sawing away. I use a brass bench pin I made just for delicate piercing operations like this one.

Now the reasoning behind the silver sandwich is apparent. Lots of sawing ahead.

I remove excess material from the edges. Since it's easier to work with a large chunk of material, I carefully cut out the links in stages so I'm always holding the larger chunk and removing link plates one (pair) at a time.

I carefully arranged the links so that they are spaced together as tightly as possible to conserve metal. The spacing must account for the kerf (width of the path) of the saw blade, with a little left over for "user error." But they're tight enough that I have to pay attention to what I'm doing. No daydreaming permitted.

One by one, links are cut out (top, left). What you don't see is the pile of dust and scrap below.

I inserted the pins to keep the pairs of plates together. I keep the links in pairs throughout the process to ensure perfect alignment of the chain.


Jwm29 said...

Excellent work as usual, John.

Allie said...

This is cool!